Collages by Philip Hayes

Created 23 November 2016

Updated 30 November 2017

Right: Phil at the opening of his previous exhibition at Unit51

Phil produces 5ft x 3ft framed colleges and certified, limited edition prints (A2 + A1) of his work. Prices range from £20.00 small, unframed to £95.00 large, framed.

See below for details of his current exhibition, the press release (pdf format) HERE
and see Phil's short video about the show HERE along with the background story from the Liverpool Echo, 22nd November 2016.

Contact Philip Hayes: Phone: 07491 983057 Email:

Phil's 'Good Samaritans' project is a vinyl album in support of groups operating on Mersyside in support of better mental health, including the Samaritans, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and SAFE Regeneration, Bootle

Phil Hayes has got loads of famous bands on board as he raises awareness of mental health - listen to the Radio City Interview HERE describing the project and its purpose.

Phil Hayes at Unit51 28th Nov 2016

8.00am- 11.00am
Friday 1st - Friday 22nd December, 2017

'The Art of Happiness'

an exhibition of Philip Hayes' collages at Naked Lunch, 431 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 3JL

The exhibition features A1 limited edition prints of Epstein, Lennon, The Cavern, Cream nightcub and others, plus large scale framed 5' x 4' originals of Lennon and LFC/Hillsborough. The exhibition will also include a trilogy of large scale 5' x 4' unframed new works titled, 'The Scouse Phenomenon', hot of the press and for sale.

Collage at Unit 51, Nov 2016
Collage at Unit 51 Nov 2016 Detail from collage
Collage at Unit 51 Nov 2016 Description of image
Collage at Unit 51 Nov 2016

Description of image
Collage at Unit 51 Nov 2016 Description of image

Above: Details from some of the collages

Right: Phil's commissoned collage for the Cavern was unveiled on 26th July 2016
and is on permanent display along with
the other memorabilia at the club.

Cavern collage